55+ communities attract active and inspired people. The residents in these communities are achieving life-long goals like completing marathons, learning to play tennis, or perfecting a golf swing. Some are retired and others are just getting to retirement and are ready for the next stage of life.

Taking advantage of 55+ community arrangements allows these spirited people to continue to thrive. They participate in social activities like games and movie nights. They stay active in the pools, parks, tennis courts, golf courses, and recreation areas in or near the 55+ community.

The Value of Community

Residents of 55+ communities enjoy a smaller, easier-to-maintain home like a patio home, a cottage, or an apartment. Some seniors travel frequently to see children or grandchildren, so they want a secure environment for their possessions when they’re away.  Some needed more help than their families could provide, so they found a community to help.

55+ communities are transitional environments. Many residents are caring for an aging parent and want a low-cost alternative for themselves. Many have sent children to college and are reducing expenses to fund their children’s education. Others are anticipating a time when they need more help with tasks like cooking and cleaning, so they find a transitional community where they can begin this new stage in life.

Investing in a Transitional Home

You might wonder exactly how long you’ll live in a 55+ and if the property will retain its value. Anchored by the strength of urban renewal efforts in city councils nationwide, the property you’ll invest in near downtown living amenities will continue to grow in value. National Real Estate Investor suggests that 55+ communities have demonstrated steady growth over the last few quarters, and occupancy rates are at a four-year high. With the U.S. population continuing to age, these occupancy rates will only increase, creating a demand that will contribute to an increase in the value of these properties.

Real estate developers are identifying the things residents most value and planning communities within walking distance to cultural centers and shopping districts. Many small cities are experiencing an urban renewal due in large part to those in the 55+ crowd investing in urban dwellings.

Since most young families are attracted to suburban living, and since nursing care and assisted living facilities avoid the noise and rush of downtown, the 55+ crowd can find its niche in urban 55+ communities. Conveniently located near the arts and theatre districts, nightlife, events, and locally-operated shopping and dining, 55+ can be a vibrant, exciting way to experience city life.

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