Being freed of the need to keep up a household will give your loved one much more time to engage in the activities they enjoy. Assisted living residences work hard to provide a variety of stimulating activities for their residents:

Making Friends and Socializing

Many seniors who have become isolated in their primary residence relish the opportunity to socialize with other residents in an assisted living facility. Establishing relationships with other residents helps strengthen a sense of community, turning a residence into a home.

A 2011 study conducted by the International Longevity Centre found that seniors perceived a higher quality of life when engaged in social activities. The study went on to reveal that a sense of optimism was a bigger factor in happiness and quality of life for the elderly than level of education, income level, social class, or home ownership.

Hosting Events and Volunteer Work

Assisted living residences often host events to entertain residents. This may involve inviting a local theatre group to put on plays, or a local high school jazz band to swing to the sounds of Duke Ellington.

Having an opportunity to be altruistic can greatly contribute to having a meaningful life. Many residences sponsor volunteer opportunities in which the residents can take part.  Volunteer activities could range from visiting a sick resident, to civic engagement with the surrounding communities. This can range from knitting items to give to homeless shelters to sponsoring a field trip for a local school.

Some larger complexes serve as voting centers for the nearby community and help citizens register to vote.

On-Site Activities

The best assisted living residences tailor their activities to the interests of their residents. This can range from yoga classes to games such as bingo or Bunco.

Larger complexes often have a dedicated gym and/or swimming pool for their residents. It is also common for assisted living residences to have a salon on the premises, and many residences have their own movie theatres to keep residents entertained and well informed.

Libraries and the Internet

For residents who enjoy more solitary pursuits, many residences have their own libraries.  Often, there is Internet service, and sometimes there are technology centers with computers. This can help residents to keep in touch with friends and family or allow on-line shopping for those who have trouble with mobility or just prefer to shop from home.

Walking the Grounds

Many residents appreciate having the residence located on attractive grounds in a park-like setting. A larger residence may have grounds on which the residents can walk and enjoy the scenery.

Many assisted living residences are in pleasant residential neighborhoods in which the residents can go for walks freely and of their volition. Some even take residents to local parks or botanical gardens for nature walks.

Religious Activities

Spirituality is an important part of the lives of many seniors. Often, assisted living residences have a chapel in which their residents can worship.

If this is not the case, residences frequently have chaplains that come in on Sundays to have non-denominational services, or arrange transportation to neighborhood churches, synagogues or temples.

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