Deciding whether or not to join a Continuing Care Retirement Community can be one of the biggest decisions you make as you grow older, since you are likely to spend the rest of your life there.  Paying for a CCRC is a significant financial investment, and the application process can help you determine if the prospective community is right for you.

Health Status

A CCRC will closely examine your health records to determine if you are healthy enough to live independently. You will have to get an evaluation of your physical and mental health from a doctor before your application would be accepted.

The community may make an exception if your spouse requires more advanced care while you are still able-bodied. If you can still live independently, you might be able to arrange for your spouse to receive assistance in living or skilled nursing care while you enjoy independent living in the same location

Financial Records

You will need to submit detailed financial information, including your tax records.  This is necessary to determine whether you have enough income or savings to pay your monthly fees after paying the entrance fee. The CCRC will also examine what insurance policies you have to determine what portion of care would be covered and what portion would be your responsibility.

Healthcare Documentation

You will need to provide documents to demonstrate your wishes for future healthcare, such as a durable power of attorney and/or a living will.  In the event that healthcare decisions may need to be made down the road, having these documents in order can help to ensure that your wishes are carried out.

Actuarial and Financial Analysis

The admissions staff of the CCRC will analyze your finances to determine whether or not you can afford to live in the CCRC for the rest of your life. Some CCRCs also use morbidity and mortality tables to estimate how long you are likely to be living in the community and what care you are likely to need.

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