Continuing Care Retirement Communities offer a unique retirement option for a number of reasons.  Here you’ll find many of the benefits associated with joining this type of community.

Aging in Place

Since you move into a CCRC when you are healthy, you get to enjoy all of the benefits of senior living knowing that your future healthcare needs can be taken care of within the community. Should you need advanced health care as you age, you will be able to move into a unit on campus and avoid the stress and expense of a major move. This allows you to stay near your spouse and the friends you’ve mad and continue to see them every day regardless of your respective medical conditions.

High-Quality Life

As a resident of a CCRC, you will have access to the best that senior living has to offer while being able to live independently. You can have the lifestyle you always dreamed of, whether that is in a vibrant, urban locale or in a more laid-back rural setting. The CCRC will have a lot of activities on-site and make it easy to participate in events taking place in the surrounding community.

An Accessible Community

Avoiding isolation by having access to the surrounding community is a concern for many as they consider their retirement options. According to a 2012 survey of those aged 60 or older, less than one third strongly agreed that there was high quality public transportation available in their community.  In the same study, 40% of those who expressed dissatisfaction with life in their current community expressed a desire for a more walkable community.  In a CCRC, your entertainment, dining, and medical care are always easily accessible.

Life with Other Seniors

Many people begin to feel isolated in their communities as they grow older.  Life with other seniors can offer a sense of community. In a National Council on Aging survey, wanting to live among people their own age was a wish expressed by 20% of respondents.  Shared interests facilitate an engaging and healthy lifestyle.

Exercise Options

If you like to exercise, a CCRC is the place for you.  Many communities do not have exercise facilities specialized for seniors. At a CCRC, there is usually a dedicated gym solely for the residents of the community.  Of seniors surveyed by the National Council on Aging, 39% of those 70 years or older reported being physically active every day.

Growing Old With Your Spouse

If you or your spouse requires additional care, but you can still live independently, the two of you can stay in close contact at a CCRC. You would be living on the same complex and able to see each other readily. This is much easier than traveling to an assisted living or skilled nursing facility for regular visits.

No Escalating Health Care Costs if Illness Strikes

The costs of advanced health care that you may need later on is either covered within the monthly fee or is constrained within certain levels by the contract signed.  Once you join a CCRC, you know that your health care needs will be taken care of.

Accessibility to Geriatric Specialists

You generally have access to the best in geriatric care when you are at a CCRC.  Doctors who specialize in geriatrics are in short supply in many communities.  Areas with CCRCs are likely to have geriatric specialists nearby or associated with the retirement community.

Intellectual Engagement

Surveys have revealed that those who live in CCRCs are more likely to have college degrees than those who live in freestanding independent living communities. Additionally – If you never went to college before and want to take classes now, here is your chance, as many CCRCs offer distance learning at a discounted rate or traditional on-campus learning in conjunction with a near-by college or university.

If you’d prefer, you can also just enjoy the wide array of cultural and intellectually-stimulating activities that take place in the CCRC.

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