Thanks to forward-thinking medical personnel and the creation of government regulations and licensing programs, the old generation of nursing home facilities that failed to provide patient-centered care are a thing of the past.

You dearly love your parents or grandparents, but you know that your work and family obligations, coupled with your lack of knowledge and medical skills, make it impossible to give your aging loved one the high level of monitoring and care needed. Placing your loved one in a good skilled nursing facility (SNF) is by far the most loving decision, as it ensures the professional, skilled care and attention they need.

Designing for Comfort and Function

Nursing homes have become a highly competitive business, and as is the case with any business, facility owners and managers strive to outdo each other as they compete for clients. This has been a tremendous benefit to potential customers.

In recent years, compassionate and innovative designers, architects, and medical personnel have been working together to make today’s nursing homes attractive, livable facilities that are truly “the next best thing to home.” Some of these establishments are so lovely they have the look and feel of a prime resort.

Life in a Skilled Nursing Facility

Skilled nursing facilities are filled with residents with plenty of life left to live. With the exception of Hospice facilities intended to make one’s last days as comfortable, agreeable, and dignified as possible, SNFs are often a resident’s home for many years or even decades. They can also be temporary depending on changes in the patient’s medical condition.

Most large nursing homes admit a combination of long- and short-term patients. The latter group includes persons who are recovering from a stroke or surgeries like joint replacements and need a few weeks or months of follow-up care. This is especially true for seniors who live alone.

Looking Ahead

Many modern assisted living facilities, that offer independent rooms or apartments along with meals and maid service, have planned for life transitions by incorporating a skilled nursing wing or building into the same property. This allows residents to temporarily stay in the skilled nursing section when needed but then return to their independent apartment when able to do so. When residents become permanently unable to live independently they can move into the SNF wing, where they will still be close to good friends, get the same delicious meals, and take part in some of the same activities that they are used to.

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